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How does Rentini work?
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Is Rentini right for me?
If you love travel and want to vacation in style, join Rentini! If you're a vacation rental owner, manager, housekeeper, or agent, boost your business on Rentini!
How does Rentini compare to other sites?
HomeAway / VRBO FlipKey rentini
One more thing! Rentini only earns money when you do - $5 reservation fee & 1% commission Sign Up for free
Annual subscription (at least 16 photos) $329/$629 $299 free
Free website for your listing no no yes
Online payment no no yes
Number of photos 24/16 unlimited unlimited
Calendar synchronized with payments yes no yes
Join without credit card no no yes
Reviews for guests no no no
Time to create a website N/A N/A 1 minute
Live chat with a real person no no yes
Listing approval time 1 week 2 days 24-48 hrs
What subscription plan is right for me?
Rentini has three standard subscriptions - the Starter Kit, Pro, and Pro Plus. The Starter Kit is free and provides you with a basic listing and website. The Pro plans offer more advanced vacation rental management tools for our more dedicated clientele. Please visit the following link to learn more: Pricing Plans
What does Rentini do to make the site safe and private?
Rentini's reviews are always linked to a transaction, which lends the review its Verified status. Payments are deposited only 24 hours after the reservation check-in time with the exception of Merchant Accounts that are set to receive Direct Deposits as their method of payment. Having the choice to include a fully refundable Damage Deposit is yet another layer of protection. The personal information of the homeowner is never shared without their permission. Inquiries and transactions require the guest to sign-in to Rentini. The system of profiles enables greater transparency between guests and homeowners as well.
How does Rentini earn money?
Listing your property and booking on Rentini are free. For free accounts, Rentini earns money only when you do - by taking a 1% service fee from every transaction and a flat $5 reservation fee. You can learn about how this process works here: Our Pro and Pro Plus subscriptions cost a flat $9 and $20 per month, respectively:
How does Rentini handle security deposits?
An initial reservation deposit is paid to confirm the reservation. The guest is then required to pay the remainder of the balance before their stay. A fully refundable damage deposit is also required which will be refunded to the guest after check-out. Rentini will attempt to obtain pre-authorization of Guests credit card relating to this charge and give assurances to the Homeowner/Manager that it can be honored in a timely fashion. Rentini will make an effort to address claims arising from Damage Deposits; however, the bank is responsible for the transaction and fees. Homeowners/managers that have any claims that need to be made against the damage deposit must notify Rentini within 48 hours after the guest checks out. Once we return the security deposit it will not be possible to make any claims against it. If you would like to report a claim, please email us as soon as you learn about damages at with subject line "Damage deposit claim".
How do payments work on Rentini (payments to Homeowner)? How do I get paid?
For verified homeowners with a merchant account the payment goes straight to the homeowner. For homeowners without a merchant account, the payment goes to Rentini and is then transferred to the homeowner's bank account. Rentini can pay you using Automatic Clearing House (ACH) direct deposits, or via PayPal. 
If I have a bank account outside of the United States, can I use it to receive Direct Deposits as my Payment Method?
No. Direct deposits are processed through Automated Clearing House (ACH) which only applies to United States bank accounts. If you do not have a U.S. bank account, please select PayPal as your Payment Method. In the meantime, we're working to expand our Payment Methods to include other networks such as ICAN. If you accept a transaction without selecting a Payment Method, Rentini will send you a check or arrange another method.
When a guest pays for an upcoming reservation, who holds the money?
Rentini releases funds to unverified homeowners 24 hours after check-in. Verified homeowners will receive funds directly. One way to be verified is by setting up a Merchant Account. Use Contact Us form to get in touch with us for further assistance.
What's the deal with fees?
Currently there is no cost for listing property or use of Rentini. For free accounts Rentini earns money only upon transaction. Fees during a transaction include a 1% service fee on the total cost of the transaction and a flat $5 USD reservation fee. Rentini does not charge a Guest fee. Note that credit card fees (between 2% - 3.5% depending on the type of card) will also apply. Rentini has no control over what Visa, MC, AMEX, etc., charge merchants. The remainder of the transaction is sent to the Homeowner/Manager as income. Rentini also have premium subscriptions for $9 and $20 per month, respectively. More information can be found here:
How do I avoid the fee PayPal charges to have guest payments deposited into my PayPal account?
PayPal will charge you a service fee. To avoid this fee, you can select your Payment Method as a direct deposit to your bank account. In the meantime, we're working with PayPal to lower their fee. For active and dedicated homeowners and managers, it is cost effective to upgrade to the Pro Plus account which is absent of transaction fees:
What if a guest sends me a check or pays outside of
Any transaction done off Rentini is treated as a separate service. Rentini is not responsible for deals done off-site. We are developing a function that will allow homeowners to accept checks through Rentini. In the meantime, you can block out dates or record reservations that guests make off Rentini by updating your calendar here.
How do I connect my Merchant Account to Rentini?
Rentini can plus in your merchant account (business account in the United States) to our system. This will enable you to receive payments directly from guests instead of waiting 24 hours after guest check-in to receive payment. To do this, please go to Your Properties page, select your property then click Payment Methods.
How do I rent my property on Rentini?
Simply click List My Property and follow directions. Once your property is approved, anyone using Rentini to find their next getaway will be able to view the details of your vacation rental.
Will all inquiries about my property come to my email or do I need to keep logging into to check inquiries?
All inquiries will go to the email address you use for your Rentini account. You do not need to check for inquiries manually by logging in. You can respond to an inquiry or message directly in your email notification.
How can I build my own website using Rentini?
Rentini offers our homeowners a website dedicated to their property. Property owners using a Pro plan can link their personal domain URL to their website at Rentini. There are various templates with different looks to choose from. You will have the freedom to run your private rental business via Rentini. We will provide you with the tools and you do the rest. The website builder is a great way to utilize the internet to its full potential and manage your property yourself. To create a website, please first list your property, then visit this page:
How does the Last Minute Deal program work?
Do you have vacancies on your vacation rental calendar in the next 4 weeks? With our last minute deals program we can help you fill them. The Last Minute Deal program is where homeowners and property managers can create a list their properties without availability in the near at a special, discounted rate. Homeowners with a Pro account are eligible to participate in this program where their property will be featured on Rentini’s Mega Deals page, social media sites, and online advertising. It's simple! Homeowners specify the last minute rate for the available dates. We'll notify travelers about your last minute deal. Travelers can book their favorite getaways instantly. Here is the Mega Deals page:
What is the Owner Calendar feature?
The calendar includes all the homeowner's properties and their rates, blocked dates and reservations. The calendar is in real-time and updates automatically:
How do I synchronize my VRBO and HomeAway calendars to my Rentini calendar?
Synchronizing your HomeAway/VRBO calendar to make dates unavailable on your Rentini calendar is helps prevent unwanted inquiries and maintain your calendars. To link your Rentini calendar, please go to "Your Listings" page by clicking here, then select the needed property and push the "Sync HomeAway/VRBO Calendars" button. Note that this requires you to use your HomeAwayConnect account.
What is the Post to Craigslist feature?
On Your Listings page there is a button where you can publish your property listing on Craigslist. This feature currently has limited geographic availability:
Who can list a vacation rental on Rentini?
Anyone is able to list on Rentini; however, all homes go through an approval process before becoming available to the public.
How much does it cost to list my property on Rentini?
It's free to list your property! Homeowner is given a number of essential tools to run their successful online business, such as a whole blown website with real-time calendar, payment and reservation systems. Rentini takes a small cut of the reservation transaction and offers premium accounts for dedicated clientele. Please click here to see our plans:
Does Rentini screen guests using the site?
Rentini relies on user reviews, references, and reports in order to maintain a safe environment. We provide tools and features to help users decide who they are comfortable doing business with. We also implement tools for internal use to help us detect malicious and inappropriate behavior.
How do I create a profile?
Sign-in to Rentini. Go to Dashboard > Profile > Edit Profile.
I sign-in through Facebook but can't remember my password. What do I do?
Contact Facebook to update your password. Since your Rentini is accessible via Facebook Connect, you must update your Facebook password in order to access your account at Rentini.
I sign-in through Google Connect but can't remember my password. What do I do?
Contact Google to update your password. You can reset your Google password here.
I forgot my password at Rentini. What do I do?
Please go here and follow instructions.
How do I change my password?
You can change your password by going to Dashboard > Profile > Edit Profile
How do I create a good listing?
A good listing will help you receive more inquiries and consequently more rentals. Upload high quality photos and write a strong, comprehensive description of your property and surroundings. Be sure the activities and amenities sections are checked accurately. For more tips increasing search visibility for your listing, click here.
How do I get reviews for my rental?
In order to have Rentini verified reviews for your property, the rental transaction will need to be completed via our website. This means the guest will need to use Rentini to book and pay for your rental. Once their stay is complete they will be asked to leave a review. You can add reviews from previous guests or references from friends via our Request Testimonials feature found here:
Does my listing need to have photos?
Yes. In order for your property to rank highly in search results, you will need to upload photos. Quality photos are ranked more highly. Please visit our blog post on the importance of high quality, high resolution and large photos for your listing:
What should my profile include?
Your profile is a snapshot of who you are therefore you can be as creative and professional as you like. You could include an introduction, basic information about yourself and interesting facts. Keep in mind those looking to rent your property are likely to check out your profile.
How much should I charge?
We recommend you look at the market price for similar rentals in a comparable area. If you'd like to secure positive reviews for your property, you may consider reducing your price in the beginning and increasing it as you see fit. An unfair price could result in an unfavorable review, which in turn could reduce the reputation and ranking of your listing. Variable rates for high and low seasons should also be considered. Variable rates can be added via our Update Calendar feature:
I'm looking for a Maintenance Business. What should I look for?
It is a good idea to have the contact of a business who can oversee the upkeep, care, fixing, repair and cleaning of your property. Service should be professional, of high quality, and include punctual scheduling. Please check local listings and speak with vacation rental owners in your area to find these services.
How does the Rentini messaging system work?
A traveler would contact you via Rentini and you can reply back and forth within Rentini's inbox, with the option to share your email and phone number. The Rentini messaging system is your opportunity to communicate with guests. Please remember to be courteous and professional and to reply promptly. A guest can share their contact information within the communication, and homeowners/managers can respond in kind. When you get a message via Rentini there will be an email notification which you can respond to directly without having to log-in to your account. Your message will be sent to the other party.
How many people do I have to share access to my property with?
You will need to provide access to your guests and those you employ for maintaining your property.
How do I edit my listing?
Go to Dashboard > Your Listings > Edit Listing
How do I add photos to my listing?
Go to Dashboard > Your Listings > Upload Images
How many property photos can I upload and at what size?
You can upload 50 property photos; each photo can be up to five megabytes. Pro accounts can upload more than 50 photos per listing.
How do I include a damage deposit on my listing?
Go to Dashboard > Your Listings > Edit Listing
How much time do I have to respond to a reservation inquiry?
In order to be in good standing with potential guests, we highly recommend you respond within 24 hours. You may respond later but the guest may have found another accommodation by then.
What is my vacation rental tax?
Your vacation rental tax depends on the location and usage of your property. Zoning laws vary from state to state, city to city, and sometimes block to block. It is important that you check with your local zoning authority to keep informed of tax codes and zoning ordinances. Feel free to contact us for useful resources.
What types of accommodations does Rentini offer?
Rentini is currently building an inventory of all kinds of Vacation Rental Homes. We welcome you to list your vacation home - whether it is a cabin, beach house, chalet, villa, castle, loft, urban apartment, boathouse, or another kind of home. Rentini does not offer shared accommodations at this time.
How does Rentini work?
  1. Let Rentini mix & match for you

  2. Enjoy your perfect getaway

How do I create a profile?
Sign-up, sign-in, and get going! At Rentini we make everything simple for you.
I sign-in through Facebook but can't remember my password. What do I do?
Contact Facebook to update your password. Since your Rentini account is accessible via Facebook Connect, you must update your Facebook password in order to access your account at Rentini.
I forgot my password. What do I do?
Please go here and follow instructions
How do I get more information about a listing?
The author of the listing knows best. If, after reviewing the information provided on a listing or profile, you still have questions or need clarification, send the owner an email by clicking "contact owner."
How does the Rentini messaging system work?
The Rentini messaging system works like an internal email. It is your opportunity to ask any questions, details, or instructions from the other party. Please remember to be courteous and professional and to reply promptly.
How do I search for a listing?
On the homepage, you can search by location, activity, dates, and number of travelers. Rentini will give you the most relevant results first.
How many people can a listing accommodate?
Each property description will say how many people are permitted to sleep over. Ask the owner if you have any questions or if you have a special circumstance.
What activities are there in my travel destination?
On Rentini, you can search by activities. Each property has a "nearby" section that shows what activities are near the property. We have properties that are perfect writers' retreats, perfect for winter sports, water sports, entertainment, festivals, and fun. You name it we have it.
How do I know that the listing is available for the dates I want?
If you have a specific time period in mind for when to travel, you can search for accommodations by entering the dates you're looking for in the search bar on the homepage. Your results will show properties available over those dates. You can also check the calendar on an individual property page to see if a specific property is available. Rentini will automatically inform you if you attempt to book a property that is not available for the dates selected. Ultimately, the owner is responsible for making sure dates are available and their calendars are up-to-date. Please inquire with them.
What methods of payment are accepted?
Rentini accepts all major Credit Cards and PayPal. We accept Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club International, and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB).
My Credit Card was declined. What do I do?
Please rule out insufficient funds or incorrect data entered as possible reasons. Double check that the address you entered appears the same way as on your credit card statement. If your card is still being declined, please contact your respective financial institution.
How does the check-in and key exchange process work?
You will have to arrange check-in/check-out procedures and any key or access code exchange, with the homeowner/manager.
How do I get to my accommodation?
On the property page is a map detailing the general neighborhood of the property. When you make a booking you will be provided with the physical address where you'll be staying. It is best to check location and access with the homeowner prior to check-in. It is the responsibility of the guests to make travel arrangements. The owner/manager of the property you have rented may have advice on the best driving routes, buses, trains or airlines. Local tourism websites may also provide advice on getting to your destination.
What is the "feedback" button?
Rentini's "feedback" button is located on the right-hand side of our pages. Use it to share your thoughts, report problems, or suggest ideas. We address all legitimate feedback, praise or blame.
How can I earn Rentini travel credit?
By inviting people to join Rentini you can earn credit! The more homeowners, house keepers, rental agents, and friends that accept your invitations, the more travel credit you get! This credit can be used toward waving the fees on certain booking transactions, or can go towards your next getaway on Rentini.
I have a confirmed reservation but can't reach the Homeowner/Manager. What do I do?
If you've attempted to contact the owner/manager but haven't had any success, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist you.
If I created a reservation but haven't received confirmation, are my dates still reserved for me?
No. A reservation is only confirmed once payment is made. The guest that commits payment first gets the booking. Keep in mind that a homeowner can confirm availability to many inquiries, but availability may change once a guest submits payment.
I messaged a homeowner/manager about renting their place, but haven't gotten a response. What do I do?
Owners/managers may receive multiple inquiries at any given time. Try messaging them again. If you still do not get a response, consider looking for an alternative accommodation. We recommend inquiring with numerous properties to give yourself more options.
What do I do if the Homeowner cancels my reservation?
If a homeowner cancels your reservation, we will issue you a full refund. You may also opt to save this money as credit towards another rental through Rentini. We'll do our best to help you find an alternative accommodation.
What do I do if I have to cancel my reservation?
Please contact the owner/manager directly to explain the outstanding circumstances causing you to cancel. Should they decide to refund you more than the terms require, they will need to notify us of the exception. Should they decline to refund you more than the terms call for, they are entirely within their rights.
When did Rentini start as a company?
Rentini formed in 2006 and relaunched with a new website in 2012.